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      August 3, 2021
      DoKomi 2021
      August 7, 2021

      Samstag 07.08.2021 und Sonntag 08.08.2021 in der Messe Düsseldorf. Die Kölner Nachbarn haben die CCXP Cologne 2021 im Juni bereits abgesagt haben, aber in Düsseldorf laufen die Vorbereitungen für die Düsseldorfer DoKomi 2021 weiter. Anstelle des gewohnten Pfingst-Termins ist die Messe nun für den 7. und 8. August 2021 geplant.

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      August 11, 2021
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      Beginners Guide to GHC
      Going Medieval Tips and Tricks Guide
      Construction of a train connection
      Guidexicon Introduction video


      What is GuidexiconGuidexicon is a gaming community, with a huge selection of
      guides, where everyone can do their part to help others.
      Why become a registered user?As user you can enter information about
      games, share knowledge about games with the community,
      write guides
      and exchange ideas with other users.
      What is a guide?A
      is an instruction for a
      game. It is a help for a specific topic. For example: Equipment, gear, weapons, classes, achievements, missions or titles guides.
      Who can write a guide?Anyone can
      write a guide. You noticed something, you think others might need a hint or help at a certain point, then write a guide.
      How can I write a guide?In the guide overview you can click on the
      „Write Guide“
      button or log in and select
      „Write Guide“
      from your profile.
      How can I support authors?Some guides need to be unlocked to be able to read the content. The author decides about the release on his own, the author is supported through the unlocking. You can also support authors by clicking the "Support Author" button on the respective guide.
      What is the Content Checker (CC)?The
      Content Checker
      (tool) is used to check content for correctness, as every user can contribute to Guidexicon (e.g. enter a game). In order to avoid incorrect entries, the community is involved in checking the content.
      Where can I as an author see my balance?On your profile you can click on
      „Author account“
      to get an overview.
      How do I become an author?Every registered user can be/become an author and fulfill
      guide wishes
      write guides.
      Does an author make money by fulfilling guide requests and writing guides?Of course, an author receives compensation if Lexibonz were used in his favor.
      How do Lexibonz work?Lexibonz can be used to promote
      guide wishes
      and assist authors in their work.
      What is a guide wish?A
      guide wish
      is a request, to all members of the community, to help you by creating a guide on a topic of your choice.


      Beginners Guide to GHCaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaGoing Medieval Tips and Tricks Guide Construction of a train connectionEvery beginning is difficultGW2 Raid Build: Condi Mirage Support (META-Build Update)Level fast and earn good moneyHunting tips for beginners
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