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        Uriel’s Chasm 3: Gelshock

        Rail/ slave and Isserley* present

        Uriel's chasm 3: Gelshock

        You wake up...the gelatinous, adrenochrome saturated subject of an ancient prophecy, formulated by a brotherhood of abandoned sentient machines; stuck on the cusp of an evolutionary leap.

        Be prepared to explore an eerie, rusting deep sea mining platform tangibly rendered and hand dithered in the restricted NES color palette .

        Fight your way through original, turn based dice battles and white knuckle, "graze" based, bullet hell boss battles on your quest to find out what exactly happened when the crude oil grave of an ancient race was disturbed, over a hundred years ago.

        Selfie :sisters of the amniotic lens inspired bottle system (via discord community)

        Featuring all new music from Day 8's bottle maiden and witch house visionary Isserley*

        *Isserley appears courtesy of the incubator

        Box art by


        Arrow keys to move, spending your roll when it is your turn. (You can freely move in combat where your roll becomes the damage you deal)

        Z -> does most of the work / activates graze in the bullet hell sections.

        X -> is used to clear the screen in bullet hell, at the expense of one notch of charge.

        Space -> zooms you out to the map screen

        Esc -> brings up pause where there are options such as -

        Q -> quit

        R -> recap the mission

        +/- -> volume

        S/L -> save/ load

        General hints:-

        - Pause and use R to recap your current objective

        - Remember to zoom out and survey the floor you are on

        - There is a shop where you can juggle your resources, But beware, its on the most dangerous floor in the game and conveniently great for grinding crafting materials.

        - take your time to learn the patterns in the bullet hell, you will not fail the game if you die.

        - In the turn based battle remember that the enemy dice is also counting down, be cautious of their next roll, it could be the critical unleashing 6.

        Clumsy Moose Season
        Dead Man's Trail

        Dead Man's Trail is a zombie survival game for PC, Mac, and Linux in the tradition of classic travel survival games with some new twists. The game recreates the drama of modern zombie fiction by making team members core to the player's travel progress through randomly generated cross-country journeys. Each have their own job that will help the party along their journey: firearm expert, melee expert, paramedic, mechanic, and others. These characters must be kept happy and healthy through randomly placed obstacles and loot supplies in procedurally-generated 3D environments. Each journey the player takes in Dead Man's Trail creates different and varied undead drama that should not be missed.


        • Choose your vehicle: the nimble 4-Wheel Rocket, the balanced Grave Digger school bus, and the powerful Ark tractor-trailer.
        • Keep your team of travelers healthy and happy. Each has their own job that will help the party along their journey: firearm expert, melee expert, paramedic, and mechanic. Lose one and you'll be limping down the road!
        • Loot randomly generated 3D cities for supplies and weapons. Get in and out quickly or you will face the horde (and maybe join them.)
        • A vast arsenal of weapons including revolvers, tactical shotguns, field hockey sticks and katanas will enable your players to survive and thwack Zombies!
        • Darkly comedic story and diverse cast of characters.
        • Keep your senses about you and your ear to the ground: Ambient sound changes when you're being hunted.
        岚零之风 - Wind Horizon



        • 分别操作两位主人公在白天和黑夜的岚零岛探索;
        • 回合制的自由战斗:在角色的回合时间耗尽前,可自由移动、攻击敌人或者使用道具;
        • 在光明和阴影处,角色的能力各有不同;
        • 通过攻击敌人获取技能点数(Cp),在战斗中,任意一名角色都可使用Cp强化技能或进行追击;
        • 可选择“简单”、“普通”和“困难” 3种难度。
        • 完整游戏时间约7小时,这是一个简单的带有前传性质的小故事。
        LEGO The Incredibles

        Erlebe in einer LEGO® Welt voller Spaß und Humor die spannenden Abenteuer der Familie Parr, die in den beiden Disney-Pixar-Filmen Die Unglaublichen und Die Unglaublichen 2 versuchen, Familienleben und Verbrecherjagd unter einen Hut zu bringen. In LEGO® Die Unglaublichen können die Spieler actionreiche Story-Level und eine epische Spielwelt – einschließlich Municiberg – erkunden und ihre einzigartigen „Super-“Fähigkeiten nutzen, um die Superschurken der Stadt ihrer gerechten Strafe zuzuführen. Außerdem können die Spieler sich im Zweispieler-Koop-Modus mit Familienmitgliedern und Freunden zusammentun, um unglaubliche LEGO® Bauten zu erschaffen!

        Mahou Mating

        An average man wanders the streets one night to suddenly find two magical girls fighting. He gets hit by a stray spell, and finds himself granted strange magic powers.

        However, the magical girls want this new magic for themselves. They abuse him, and selfishly drag him into their quarrel for power.

        The unfortunate man harbors a burning hatred for the greedy pair. His magic powers grow, and before long, he enacts his vengeance with erotic mind control spells...

        These magical girls will taste justice via brainwashed sex!Features:

        • 4 unique endings
        • 20+ CG
        • Full English Voice Acting
        • An Original Soundtrack
        • 1080p HD Resolution