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In this guide, we'll be covering the different volumes of Hiveswap: Friendship Simulator. Starting with the first volume, featuring Ardata Carmia and Diemen Xicali, we'll see the path on befriending those trolls. I'll update as soon as I can.


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Volume One

1Ardata Carmia

Select Ardata once you're shown the option, and proceed until you're given the chance to choose.

  • Select the first option: It sounds good. I'll do whatever you say.

Once that's done, proceed as normal again until you're given a choice.

  • Get the hell out of here.

Play through the dialogue until you arrive to the next choice. There's only one option here.

Feed her.

After a bunch of dialogue, you get Ardata's Good Ending. Congratulation, you made a three-eyed spidertroll be your friend.

2Diemen Xicali

Choose the first volume, and this time, choose Diemen.

Play normally until you have to choose:

Choose the first option, and keep playing.

  • Give him a reassuring hug.

After a bunch of scenes, you get Diemen's Good Ending.

Volume Two

1Amisia Erdehn

Choose Volume 2, and select Amidia Erdehn at the left.

Play normally and then choose:

  • Tell her no, you've never had much of a knack on it.

After that, follow up until the second option.

  • Get excited and dance your new friend around the room.

2Cirava Hermod

First option:

  • Oh yeah. I love it.

Second option:

  • Pick out your own look.

After a bunch more of dialogue, you get Cirava's Good Ending.

Volume Three

1Skylla Koriga

For the first option, choose:

  • Go towards the shimmer.

After more dialogue, choose:

  • Help her!

After a slightly misthinkable situation, you get Skylla's good ending.

2Bronya Ursama

For the first option, choose:

  • Thanks but no thanks. I'll heal on my own just fine.

After more dialogue, choose:

  • Be a weeny.

After a heartwarming scene, you get Bronya's good ending.

Volume Four

1Tagora Gorjek

First option:

  • Tell him about the heaps of money you definitely have.

Second option:

  • Take a goddamn bath.

2Vikare Ratite

First option:

  • Tell him you're not so sure about spaceflight

Second option:

  • Tell him you've never heard of such thing.

For the third option, choose the first one.


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