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AC Valhalla: A Wise Friend (mission) - bug. Delete game files? No way!

PC (Microsoft Windows)

The bug in the mission "A Wise Friend" does not occur for all players. However, those of you who have experienced this bug often search in vain for a solution. During the search you will often find tips or solutions from some "jokers", who recommend you to delete all game files from your hard drive - including the saves from UbiSoft. Here you can learn how to avoid losing 50 hours of gameplay.


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  • Follower: 8 | Published Guides: 3

Eine weise Freundin (Lösung)

After accepting the quest, you should go to the port of your settlement and pick up the seer at the pier. Once at the pier, save the game manually! After that, talk to the seer and start the quest. First pick up some luggage and follow her. After a short chat with the blacksmith she continues her way towards the longhouse. Just before you get there, the seer stops and you can't interact with any NPCs anymore. Right now you have to switch to the options via ESC, there to the graphics settings and make the following change:

  1. Raise the graphics settings to the red area of the graphics card's memory usage. (for me this was the case at "Extreme").

  1. To apply the graphics settings, UbiSoft wants a restart, which you should accept without problems.

  1. After the restart, you will be back at the pier and start the quest from the beginning. But this time in "slow motion" :)

Once you have reached the top, the sequence with Randvi will follow and after that you can leave the luggage in the seer's hut. Quest finished.

After you have saved, you can reset the graphics settings to the initial value.

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