Outriders - Assassin/Trickster - Level 30 CT 15 Solo Build/Skill for Expeditions

PC (Microsoft Windows)

The Damage Bomber is an Assassin (Trickster) skill for Outriders. It is perfect for beginners and the gear is easy to get. It is possible to run CT 15 solo with it, so most expeditions are doable without problems. The build still works even after the trickster nerf (50/35). Your total damage is very high and especially elite enemies are not a big obstacle for you.


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  • Follower: 2 | Published Guides: 19



The skill is based on a very simple and clear strategy. The Assassin is a melee fighter and the goal when performing this skill is to take out enemies within a 10m radius (at close range). Unlike other classes, it's not about skilling life drain or increasing life reg, as assassins automatically get 20% of their total health back as soon as someone near them dies.

Therefore only one thing is important: lots of kills.

The focus is on the following attributes (values):

  • Weapon damage bonus
  • Critical hit damage
  • Weapon damage at short range
  • Armor piercing
  • Cooldown reduction
  • Armor

More about how to make your equipment you can find in the chapter Equipment.



Your Perfect Equipment contains the following 3 attributes: BONUS WEAPON STRENGTH | COOLDOWN REDUCTION | SHORT RANGE DAMAGE.

Since the skill is based on shotguns and pump guns, the "Shotgun Ammo" equipment skill is absolutely necessary. A guaranteed 10% damage increase is really important and helps a lot in the skill. The Party Lion is a skill that should help defensively one, but it is not mandatory. You might as well take the Ice Trap (all enemies within range are frozen when your LP drops below 30%). If you need even more damage, you can also put 15% more damage if the enemy bleeds on this slot.

Here you can see 2 really important abilities, the bloodlust increases your damage immensely of course and especially when you have defeated 3 enemies, which is very fast with shotguns, more enemies fall much faster. The vampire magic is important, because your main weapon causes bleeding and so you refill your magazine with every kill. This also allows you to use the skill: "Treacherous Bullets" almost permanently. This will give you 15,000 - 25,000 more damage consistently.

Radiation jump is really important. As soon as you teleport behind an enemy with the skill "Hunting Fever", the enemy suffers from vulnerability for 10 - 15 seconds. This causes that enemy to take 15% more damage from you. This means that the best way to tackle elite enemies is with Hunting Fever, because then you will do even more damage. Protective death I think is self-explanatory: as long as you kill enemies, you also keep getting armor and this makes it even harder to die and gives you the stamina you need to stay within 10m of enemies permanently.

Cannonball gauntlets are essential for this skill. 25% more damage against elite enemies is just incredible and together with the 15% from the class you do 40% more damage against elite enemies and this extreme damage bonus is definitely noticeable. You should definitely take the ability "Damage Absorber" with you, since it raises your base stats and especially at the beginning and after sequences you don't have any kills yet and thus no bonus armor, it could be really difficult without this ability.

Emergency status is really extremely important for this build. There will always be times when you fall below 30% of your life, but the Golem reduces the damage you take then by 65%. That means it gives you 4 seconds, which is a lot of time to kill 1 or 2 enemies. Also, 3 seconds of the 10 seconds have already passed, so Golem is ready to use again shortly after that. Golem belongs to the ravager's abilities and normally has a cooldown of 19.1 seconds.

Individual distance is also self-explanatory: as long as you are at a short distance from the enemy, you do 15% more damage.

So with this build, you have one damage ability and one defensive ability on each piece of armor. This makes the skill very balanced your damage is extremely high and you heal through the kills very quickly due to the Assassin base abilities.


This weapon is your main weapon and practically the only weapon you'll really need. You can easily purchase it from the merchant Tiago once you have completed the last mission and are level 30. The Ultimate Bleeding Bullets ability is already present on the weapon and as a second ability you should choose something that does AOE damage. In my case, the shots also jump over to other enemies near my target, which of course greatly increases the overall damage. Also, once you have the III ability with 3x 25% more damage, it's really important to include it as a second ability in the weapon.

As a second weapon you should definitely take a pump gun with you, this has two big advantages. 1. if you carry two of the same weapon, you share the ammo pool for the two weapons, but shotguns and pump guns have a different ammo pool, but 2. both get the damage bonus for shotguns.

As a pistol, it's best to choose one that does a lot of damage in case of emergency, is very accurate, and preferably has life drain, in case you get stuck, especially with the Disintegrator, life points are restored very quickly.


You focus on the assassin tree for this skill and skill everything that has to do with damage. Since we're only going at short range, always choose the 15% more damage at short range. You will also need the armor penetration. This works quite simply, at 30% armor penetration, 30% of the enemy's armor will not apply when you shoot at them. This of course makes you do a lot more damage.

The Outrider Executioner and Devastating Firepower are important, as they each do 35% more damage for 8 seconds. To do this, simply keep the skills listed below on cooldown and you'll be driving extreme damage throughout.

If you're having health issues, instead of the 10% of armor next to Outrider Executioner, skill the Cycle of Life and Death, which restores another 10% more health when you kill an enemy at close range.


Tricky bullets

Tricky Bullets This ability starts once at the beginning of the expedition or campaign, and if you do everything right and pay attention to the bleeding, it lasts until the end of the expedition. It increases your damage enormously, also ignores to a certain extent the armor of the enemy. Also, it seems to me that you are much more likely to deal critical hits while the ability is active. By increasing your firepower by 15,000, your total damage goes up much higher because firepower means your base damage and all other damage bonuses are counted against that first.

When the ability is active, the barrel of your weapon glows light blue and looks like icicles are sticking out towards the ground.

Hunter's blade

Hunter's blade you can use very often and if you manage to provide all armor pieces with cooldown reduction (5x 7.5% cooldown reduction), then you can use this ability very often (every 4.5 seconds), which gives you a huge bonus. Not only do you do more damage to marked and slowed enemies, but the class gives you another 35% more damage for 8 seconds.

Marked enemies have a blue crystal over their head and glow blue all over their body. Also, their movements are slowed down on the spot.

Hunting fever

Hunting Fever is your most important ability for bosses and elite enemies, it gives you a shield, also +35% more damage for 8 seconds and the enemy suffers from vulnerability, so you do him an additional 15% more damage (for 10 - 15 seconds).

When you use the ability, your character glows blue. You are also invulnerable for the time of the teleport. So you can also use the ability to dodge attacks.


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