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Outriders - Devastator Solo CT15 Build - Guide

PC (Microsoft Windows)

This is a guide for the Devastator in Outriders, the skill is based on Anomaly Power and is meant to deal as much large area damage (AOE) as possible. Of course, singe targets (single enemies) can also be taken out, but the build is especially strong in groups. You can also play the build very well in the group and support your team.


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  • Follower: 2 | Published Guides: 19


The Devastator should focus on the Quakebringer for this build and rely a lot on anomaly power and bleeds, both in armor and weapons. More details on each of these topics later. Weapon damage should be disregarded, and you won't need armor or health either.

Until you have earned the Legendary Parts, you should focus on ANOMALY POWER, STATUS POWER, DROPPING TIME REDUCTION or LIFE DRAWAL BY SKILLS. These are the really important attributes for the skill described here.


Accounts on the Quakebringer perk and pay attention to the explanations.

Important: Skill all Anomaly Power in the Quakebringer tree, also 2x Red Currents, which increases the duration of bleeds by 30% each.

Also, skill 2x Bloodbath to increase the damage from bleeds by a total of 60%.

Bloodbath is one of the most important skills because it heals you by 25% of the bleed damage done, which is essential in this build.

"Protected by the Anomaly" is the skill that ensures you get an armor bonus of 40%, which is still good on CT15 alone.

Also important, because it gives you another 20% armor and additionally 20% resistance is the skill "Capable Guardian".

Last but not least, you should definitely skill "Heir of the Earth" and increase your base damage of all seismic skills by 50%.


The abilities for the Devastator:

  1. "Earthquake" is our main attack and can be used up to 3 times thanks to the modifications on the boots. (7 sec cooldown)

  1. "Golem" serves as our protection and additionally activates the "Paladin" ability of our class.

  1. The "Black Hole" pulls all enemies in the area of effect to it, and the modifications on our equipment inflict the Vulnerability status on all enemies, causing them to take 15% more damage from all sources. In addition, enemies also get 33% more damage from anomaly attacks.



  1. Skull of a Forgotten Creature

"Power Assimilation" makes you gain 11,061 anomaly power for every elite enemy on the battlefield. The second modification, as described in the ability, ensures that all dressed enemies suffer from vulnerability. This gives them 15% more damage and 33% more anomaly damage.

  1. Armor of the Seismic Commander

You should definitely wear 3 pieces of this set because it will increase the damage of your bleeds by 50%. It also increases the range of Earthquake, which we can use 3 times in a row, and the damage against elite enemies is also increased.

  1. Leg guard of the seismic commander

The second part of the set, this part increases the damage against enemies affected by bleeding by 25% which helps us a lot and due to "Blood Shock" the Earthquake ability now causes bleeding. So with the set effect together you get 75% more damage.

  1. Gloves

The gloves are not part of the set and unlike the rest of the equipment they can be chosen arbitrarily (externally). In them you need Bursting Ground to increase the damage of Earthquake and the High Intensity ability, which as announced, increases the Anomaly damage by 33%. Instead of Healing, Life Drain from Abilities would be a better choice in the gloves.

  1. Footwear of the seismic commander

In the shoes there is the modification "Second quake", which gives you the opportunity to use earthquakes a second time. And again the ability "Additional quake" which then makes Earthquake available to you a third time. Thus, you will be able to use the Earthquake ability three times in a row.


Assault Rifle "Juggler", which can be purchased from the dealer Tiago and is therefore easy to get even for beginners.

The ability "Scrap Grenade" ensures that the 1st shot after reloading becomes an anomaly projectile and does 226,000 damage within a radius of 5 meters. Add to that "Explosive Prelude", which ensures that the first hit of a bullet from a magazine does an additional 259,000 damage from a powerful explosion.

Trick: If you reload after every single shot, you'll do over half a million damage to all targets within 5 meters of the projectile's point of impact. Maximum damage is 1.1 million within 5 meters.


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