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Outriders - Technomancer Solo Build - CT15 Guide

PC (Microsoft Windows)

A perfect skill for any technomancer. It is based on dealing a lot of damage and poisoning your enemies. It also replenishes your ammo in the weapon without reloading. This then also prevents the damage bonus of the poison bullets from ending. Plus, of course, there's a significant damage increase for you and your team. You'll have to play "assault rifles" of course, otherwise you'll lose 40% of the damage. This also ensures that you'll probably have the highest life regeneration of any class.


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  • Follower: 2 | Published Guides: 19


Technomants are especially good for dealing damage. They would also be called "glass cannon" if their life regeneration wasn't so high.

They count as supporters, but the class can do much more than that. Look for the following three attributes in armor pieces: Weapon Damage Bonus, Short Range Damage, and Long Range Damage.


Select the Pestilence tree and skill the points as shown in the picture below.

Be sure to increase your life drain from weapons by 5%.

You will need this skill especially when you use shrapnel.

The reason we always used "assault rifles" in this picture is also because of this ability.

Especially because of the extension of the poison damage, through kills. Is the increase in magazine size especially important.

Of course, this is especially important because you'll be using these two abilities mainly, and this will extremely improve the weapon damage.


The Poison Bullets and Poison Tower are necessary to deal bonus damage and replenish the ammo in the weapon directly (See "Poisonous Lead" modification).

The ability Schrappnel is especially important for the skill, because it increases your damage extremely. Use it as often as you can.




Euthanizer (25% more damage against enemies suffering from poison.) (Rank 3)

Critical Accumulation (Rank 2)

You can find the skill "Euthaniser" in these legendary gloves.

Feel free to replace Critical Cumulation with Mitigation from Death if you have trouble staying alive.


Captian Hunter (Rank 3)

Emergency Status (Rank 2)


Splash Range [Splash Boost] (Rank 3).

Poisonous Lead (Rank 2)


Eagle Eye [Sharp Eye] (Rank 3)

Horse Cure (Rank 2)


Dum-Dum Bullets (Rank 2)

Bloodlust (Rank 2)



Bone Splinter (Rank 2)

Killing Spree (Rank 3)

"Killing Spree" is the perfect mod for any damage build, but "Fortress" and "Striga" can also be extremely helpful.


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