Cheapest Raid Build: Start raiding for only 8 gold with the engineer in GW2.

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You want to try raids, but have only little gold, or just want to have a quick look? With this build for 8 gold (plus a few materials that you probably have lying around anyway) you will have your gold back after a maximum of 5 boss kills. The Easy Scrapper is an engineer build for raid beginners and newbies.


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The Easy Scrapper is a DPS build for raids. That means the goal of this build is to cause large amounts of damage to your opponent. The DPS role is well suited for beginners because it has little responsibility in the raid and few special roles to take on. You can focus on doing damage and learning the boss mechanics.

The build does not have the highest maximum damage with a realistic benchmark of 32,168 damage per second (DPS). But it is easy to learn and very resistant.

The best thing about the Easy Scrapper is that you can save on equipment costs without sacrificing much performance.


In the first step you organize an (at least) exotic medium armor with berserk stats (power, precision, ferocity). This can be bought for about 5 gold at the trading post or obtained from Keeper Jonez Deadrun in the Cursed Shore for 252,000 karma.

Armor slot
Trading Post
Karma merchant
Nika's Mask
Rubicon Hat (Berserker's)
Nika's Pauldrons
Rubicon Shoulderpads (Berserker's)
Nika's Coat
Rubicon Coat (Berserker's)
Nika's Gloves
Rubicon Gloves (Berserker's)
Nika's Gloves
Rubicon Leggings (Berserker's)
Nika's Boots
Rubicon Boots (Berserker's)

Keeper Jonez Deadrun can be found here, near the Murdered Dreams Waypoint [&BCIDAAA=]. If the waypoint is contested, the corresponding meta-event "Temple of Grenth" must be completed first. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays this event is regularly completed by players, otherwise some luck is required. Just check back every 30 to 60 minutes to see how things are going.

IMPORTANT: the Rubicon armor is soulbound upon receipt. So you have to go with your engineer to buy the armor.

After that you should buy armor runes. Superior runes of the scholar are ideal. However, they are very expensive. Therefore, for slightly less damage and significantly less cost, you can buy Superior Rune of Infiltration (all six runes of infiltration together cost only 20% of one Superior Rune of the Scholar. You do lose a little maximum damage though). You need 6 runes of one kind (mixing runes generally gives worse bonus effects). You then place one rune in each of your new armor pieces.


You can get the appropriate weapon, a hammer with berserk stats, either directly by unlocking the Scrapper Elite Specialization (Scrapper's Hammer) or you can buy it for around 70 silver in the trading post.

Weapon slot
Trading Post
Unlock the Scrapper Specialization
Scrapper's Hammer

If you use the Scrapper's Hammer, you have to choose the stats. Choose Berserk values for this.

After that you need weapon sigils. Unfortunately, you can't save anything here and have to buy two sigils for about 3-4 gold each. They represent the largest part of your 8 gold budget.

Hammer (Slot 1)
Superior Sigil of Force
Hammer (Slot 2)
Superior Sigil of Impact

Place the sigils in the upgrade slots of your new hammer.


Jewelry has the greatest potential for savings. Buying the jewelry regularly costs about 23 gold. If you collect a few materials from Living World Seasons 3, 4 and Icebreak Saga together, you can not only save all the gold, but even get ascended (and thus better) jewelry.

For a complete equipment you need: 2x accessory, 2x ring, 1x amulet and 1x back piece. In contrast to the runes you can mix freely here (e.g. 2 ascended and 4 exotic pieces).

IMPORTANT: Ascended trinkets are "Unique". This means you can only equip one piece of jewelry with the same name at a time. So make sure you buy two different ascended rings and two different ascended accessories.

Jewelry slot
Exotic piece (purchase)
Ascended piece (Collect)
Lucky Great Ox Lantern
Any ascended back piece with berserk stats (e.g. "Icebrood Horn Backpack" for 400x Fresh Winterberry + 5,000x Unbound Magic)
Accessory 1
Ruby Orichalcum Earring
Any ascended accessory with berserk stats (e.g. "Althea's Ashes" for 40x laurels + 50x Glob of Ectoplasm)
Accessory 2
Ruby Orichalcum Earring
Any OTHER ascended accessory with berserk stats (e.g. "Magister's Field Journal" for 40x laurels + 50x Glob of Ectoplasm)
Ruby Orichalcum Amulet
Any ascended amulet with berserk stats (e.g. "Call of the Wild" for 30x laurels or 20x laurels and 250x badges of honor)
Ring 1
Ruby Orichalcum Ring
Any ascended ring with berserk stats (e.g. "Ring of Red Death" for 35x laurels or 25x fractal relic)
Ring 2
Ruby Orichalcum Ring
Any OTHER ascended ring with berserk stats (e.g. "Crystalline Band") for 35x laurels or 25x fractal relics.

There are many different ways to get your ascended parts. For example, if you don't have enough laurels or ectoplasm orbs for Althea's Ashes, you can get another Accessory for 375x Eternal Ice Shard + 56,000x Karma. It's best to find out which trinkets are best for you to obtain.

Buff Food

You can play this build completely without buff food. However, your damage will increase by using food.

If possible, you want to play with food that gives +100 power and +70 ferocity.

There are traditionally two options for this:

  • 1x Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup (you can buy it in the trading post, but it's very expensive with > 40 silver for 30 minutes buff)
  • 1x Cilantro Lime Sous-Vide Steak (Ascended food, can be placed for the entire group.Requires level 500 cook and elaborate or expensive ingredients. However, it lasts for 1 hour. With 3 or more players taking from the food, it is cheaper than the Butternut Squash Soup).

Alternatively, you can use the following food, which are much cheaper, but bring less damage bonus:

  • Dragon's Breath Bun
  • Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup

In addition to food, there are supply effects (also called wrenches because of the symbol). You can always have one food effect and one supply effect at the same time.

There are three options:

  • Potent Superior Sharpening Stone (1 hour)
  • Superior Sharpening Stone (30 minutes)
  • Tin of Fruitcake (30 minutes)

All three have the same effect for raid battles. Due to the longer duration, the Potent Superior Sharpening Stone has the best price-performance ratio. Unfortunately, there is no practical option to save gold here. But as already mentioned, the Easy Scrapper also works completely without buff foods.




Explosive Entrance
Explosive Entrance

Your first attack of each fight deals additional good damage to nearby enemies. This ability renews after a dodge roll.

Glass Cannon
Glass Cannon

You deal 7% more damage to enemies as long as you have more than 75% health, which is almost always the case in raids thanks to your healers.

Steel-Packed Powder
Steel-Packed Powder

Explosive skills, which is what many of your attack skills are, cause vulnerability.

Explosive Temper
Explosive Temper

Explosion skills, which are many of your attack skills, give you +20 ferocity for 10 seconds, stackable up to 10 times. So you can get 200 extra ferocity, which is about 3 pieces of armor.

Shaped Charge
Shaped Charge

You do 0.5% more damage for each stack of vulnerability on the enemy. Since this skill produces a very large amount of vulnerability, the enemy will almost always have 25 stacks of vulnerability and you will thus do 12.5% more damage (in addition to the 25% more damage the enemy receives from vulnerability).

Big Boomer
Big Boomer

You inflict 10% more damage to enemies that have proportionally less life than you. Since you will usually be fully healed and the enemy will not, this is almost always the case after the second hit.

Also, if you hit an enemy with an explosion skill, you will get some healing, which also helps you have more life percentage than your enemies.



You get a 33% chance to cause bleeding for 3 seconds on a critical hit, which is almost every hit with this build.

High Caliber
High Caliber

You get 15% higher chance of critical hits as long as you are at most 300 units away from the enemy. Since you want to hit your opponent with auto attacks, you will be at most 130 units away from the boss for most of the fight. Thus, you will almost constantly have the 15% higher critical hit chance.

Hematic Focus
Hematic Focus

You get a 10% higher chance of critical hits if your opponent has at least one stack of bleeding. You cause a stack of bleeding every 5-6 seconds for 10 seconds with the Shrapnel Grenade (Grenade 2). In addition, your critical hits have a 33% chance of causing bleeding (Sharpshooter). Many teammates also generate bleeding. You will almost always have the 10%.

No Scope
No Scope

Every 8 seconds, you gain 4 seconds of fury on a critical hit. In addition, your ferocity increases by +150 as long as you have fury. Since the healers and supporters in raids make sure that all party members always have fury, you almost always have the 150 ferocity extra, which is equivalent to about two pieces of armor.

Serrated Steel
Serrated Steel

Extends the duration of bleeding you cause by 33%. That's a total of 4 seconds for Sharpshooter bleeding and 13 seconds for Shrapnel Grenade (Grenade 2).

Modified Ammunition
Modified Ammunition

For each different condition on the opponent, your damage increases by 2%. That would be a maximum of 28% more damage for 14 different conditions. However, raid bosses usually only have 10 different conditions, which usually means 20% more damage.


Function Gyro
Function Gyro

Unlocks the Function Gyro (F5) and other gyro skills.

Gyroscopic Acceleration
Gyroscopic Acceleration

Gyros (Well abilities as well as the Function Gyro (F5)) have a longer range and give up to 5 allies super speed for 5 seconds. This is especially useful in Escort ("Siege the Fortress") and River ("River of Souls") to speed up the NPCs that the party must accompany.

Speed of Synergy
Speed of Synergy

Your healing skill now also gives super speed to allies for 5 seconds.

Object in Motion
Object in Motion

You deal 5% more damage per boon as long as you have stability, haste, or superspeed.

Since you give a lot of superspeed and get stability from Supporters depending on the boss, you often have the bonus. Shredder Gyroscope (utitlity skill 9) gives you superspeed in your rotation. You don't have to actively care about superspeed.

Impact Savant
Impact Savant

You always receive 15% of your inflicted damage as a barrier, reducing your maximum life by 1,800 health, which still gives you 2,477 more than an elementalist. In return, you get a lot of barrier, which prevents you from receiving damage. As long as you attack the enemy you will always have barrier, which also helps to have more life than your opponent for Big Boomer.

Applied Force
Applied Force

You get 3 seconds of quickness every 10 seconds if you have more than 10 stacks of power. You also get +200 power as long as you have quickness. In raids, your supporters have the goal of making sure you always have quickness. So you almost always have the +200 power.


Positive Strike (Hammer 1)
Positive Strike (Hammer 1)

Your Hammer Autoattack is a chain of Positive Strike > Negative Bash > Equalizing Blow. All three attacks take the same amount of time. However, Negative Bash does more damage than Positive Strike, and Equalizing Blow does more damage than Negative Bash.

Therefore, it makes sense to always cast the complete chain if possible.

Electro-whirl (Hammer 2)
Electro-whirl (Hammer 2)

A powerful attack that is a staple of your rotation. It is a combo finisher "Whirl", which combined with your many combo fields "Lightning" ensures that your attack is armor piercing and causes vulnerability.

Rocket Charge (Hammer 3)
Rocket Charge (Hammer 3)

A slow attack that is not part of your rotation due to its weak damage per second of cast time (DPS). You can, however, with a little practice, use it as a mobility skill. This means that if you are too far away from the boss, for example at the beginning of the fight, you can shorten the distance faster with this jump attack.

Shock Shield (Hammer 4)
Shock Shield (Hammer 4)

This is a defensive ability and therefore not part of the damage rotation. If you get unexpectedly much damage during a raid you can use Shock Shield to block all attacks for 2 seconds. For example, with practice, this is an alternative to running into the bubble with Deimos Mindcrush attack.

Thunderclap (Hammer 5)
Thunderclap (Hammer 5)

A powerful attack that hits the opponent 5x and deals 100 Break Bar damage. Additionally, it causes a combo field of lightning. You always want to use this skill so that you get the lightning combo afterwards with Electro-whirl (Hammer 2).

A.E.D. (Healing 6)
A.E.D. (Healing 6)

Good healing skill, able to prevent the next lethal damage every 30 seconds for 5 seconds.

Grenade Kit (Utility 7)
Grenade Kit (Utility 7)

Using the grenade kit replaces your weapon skills with grenades. You only want to quickly throw the most efficient grenades at the enemy after activating the grenade kit and then go back to your normal weapons (use it again or change weapons). The most efficient grenades are Shrapnel Grenade, Freeze Grenade and Poison Grenade.

Shrapnel Grenade (Granade 2)
Shrapnel Grenade (Granade 2)

Grenade that does good damage and causes bleeding.

Freeze Grenade (Granade 4)
Freeze Grenade (Granade 4)

Grenade that does good damage and causes chill.

Poison Grenade (Grenade 5)
Poison Grenade (Grenade 5)

Grenade that does good damage and causes 3x poison. It often happens in the rotation that the poison grenade's cooldown hasn't expired yet and you can't use it again. In this case, you skip the Poison Grenade and leave the Grenade Kit earlier than usual.

Rifle Turret (Utility 8)
Rifle Turret (Utility 8)

A turret that you place at the beginning of the fight and that deals good damage every 2 seconds for the entire fight. If the turret gets destroyed, you can skip an auto attack chain to place it again.

Shredder Gyro (Utility 9)
Shredder Gyro (Utility 9)

A powerful attack that deals 12x a lot of damage over 6 seconds and is a combo ending whirl. Since the damage is spread out over a longer period, it is recommended to place it immediately before a lightning combo field to use the full period of the combo field. And thus, as with the Electro-whirl (Hammer 2), maintain armor penetration and cause vulnerability.

Supply Crate (Elite 0)
Supply Crate (Elite 0)

Randomly positions a Healing Turret, Flame Turret, and Net Turret near the target, lasting for 60 seconds. The Supply Crate has a long cast time and does little damage, so it is not part of the DPS rotation. However, it does 2 seconds of stun and thus 200 Break Bar damage which is good for CC.

Static Shock (Tool belt F1)
Static Shock (Tool belt F1)

A good attack that hits an enemy and deals 200 Break Bar damage.

Grenade Barrage (Tool belt F2)
Grenade Barrage (Tool belt F2)

A strong attack that can be used well to fill gaps.

Surprise Shot (Tool belt F3)
Surprise Shot (Tool belt F3)

A powerful attack that has no cast time, so it can be used at any time once the cooldown has expired. You can activate the next skill/press the next button immediately after Surprise Shot. However, you should not use it within an Auto-Attack chain. In that case, immediately after Equalizing Blow.

Spare Capacitor (Tool belt F4)
Spare Capacitor (Tool belt F4)

A powerful attack that hits the opponent 4x, deals 200 Break Bar damage and can be used well to fill gaps.

Function Gyro (F5)
Function Gyro (F5)

A good attack that creates a combo field lightning. You always want to use this skill so that you get the lightning combo afterwards with Electro-whirl (Hammer 2). Since Thunderclap (Hammer 5) is the better skill, you should preferably use Thunderclap (Hammer 5) to create lightning fields and use Function Gyro (F5) as a backup.


The most important thing about any Guild Wars 2 build is the rotation. You can have the perfect gear and pick up the right abilities, if you don't master the rotation, a player with worse gear and better rotation will always do more damage/DPS than you.

Most build guides for Guild Wars 2 on the internet are created by speedrun guilds and are designed for players who want to achieve maximum damage through lots of practice. However, the raids can also be defeated with significantly less damage. Also, not every player has time or willingness to practice the rotation for several hours a week. To play a rotation to perfection, hours of practice are unfortunately necessary. However, if you understand the rotation well, just a few hours of practice are enough to play the class well enough for relaxed raids and beginner raids.

Basic concepts

Main damage combination

The greatest amount of damage this build does is through the combination of:

Shredder Gyro (Utility 9) > Thunderclap (Hammer 5) > Electro-whirl (Hammer 2)

Thunderclap creates a lightning field that is triggered by the ticks of Shredder Gyro and Electro-whirl. This inflicts armor piercing damage and vulnerability. Vulnerability stacks on the opponent. The more vulnerability the opponent has, the more damage you do.

Maintain bleeding

Your chance of critical hits, and thus more damage, is higher if your opponent has at least one stack of bleeding. That's why you regularly use the Shrapnel Grenade to ensure bleeding on your opponent.

Auto-attack chain

Your auto-attack chain deals a lot of damage. The chain consists of 3 steps. The first step (Positive Strike) deals good damage, the second step (Negative Bash) deals better damage, and the third step (Equalizing Blow) deals very good damage. You therefore want to perform the third step as often as possible and therefore never break the auto-attack chain prematurely (e.g. by using other skills).

Filler Skills

Your other skills that do a lot of damage are used in between to increase the damage.

  • Static Shock (Tool belt F1) fits well into the rotation, so is always used before the main damage combo
  • Grenade Barrage (Tool belt F2), does good damage, but doesn't really fit into the rotation. Always use when available. Prefer between auto attack chain (Hammer 1) and Electro-whirl (Hammer 2).
  • Surprise Shot (Tool belt F3), does good damage, but doesn't really fit into the rotation. However, it does not need a casting time. So you can always use it when available.
  • Spare Capacitor (Tool belt F4), does good damage, but doesn't really fit into the rotation. Always use when available. Prefer between auto attack chain (Hammer 1) and Electro-whirl (Hammer 2).
  • Electro-whirl (Hammer 2), has a shorter cooldown than Shredder Gyro (Utility 9) and Thunderclap (Hammer 5), and therefore can be used without the full combo, as it deals good to very good damage even without the combo.
  • Freeze Grenade (Granade 4), inflicts good damage is used when available while you use the Shrapnel Grenade for bleeding.
  • Poison Grenade (Grenade 5), inflicts good damage is used when available while you use the Shrapnel Grenade for bleeding.

Ideal rotation

The ideal rotation consists of an opener in which skills with long cooldowns are used to get a high burst damage at the beginning. And after that, a loop that is always repeated to deal high damage for a long time.


  1. A.E.D. (Healing 6)
  2. Rifle Turret (Utility 8)
  3. Shredder Gyro (Utility 9)
  4. Thunderclap (Hammer 5)
  5. Electro-whirl (Hammer 2)
  6. Grenade Barrage (Tool belt F2)
  7. Grenade Kit (Utility 7)
  8. Shrapnel Grenade (Granade 2)
  9. Freeze Grenade (Granade 4)
  10. Poison Grenade (Grenade 5)
  11. Leave grenade kit
  12. Spare Capacitor (Tool belt F4)
  13. Auto-Attack Chain (Hammer 1)
  14. Positive Strike
  15. Negative Bash
  16. Equalizing Blow
  17. Electro-whirl (Hammer 2)
  18. Grenade Kit (Utility 7)
  19. Shrapnel Grenade (Granade 2)
  20. Leave grenade kit
  21. Auto-Attack Chain (Hammer 1)
  22. Positive Strike
  23. Negative Bash
  24. Equalizing Blow
  25. Auto-Attack Chain (Hammer 1)
  26. Positive Strike
  27. Negative Bash
  28. Equalizing Blow
  29. Function Gyro (F5))
  30. Electro-whirl (Hammer 2)
  31. Grenade Kit (Utility 7)
  32. Shrapnel Grenade (Granade 2)
  33. Leave grenade kit
  34. Auto-Attack Chain (Hammer 1)
  35. Positive Strike
  36. Negative Bash
  37. Equalizing Blow


  1. Static Shock (Tool belt F1)
  2. Shredder Gyro (Utility 9)
  3. Thunderclap (Hammer 5)
  4. Electro-whirl (Hammer 2)
  5. Grenade Kit (Utility 7)
  6. Shrapnel Grenade (Granade 2)
  7. Freeze Grenade (Granade 4)
  8. Poison Grenade (Grenade 5), when available
  9. Leave grenade kit
  10. Auto-Attack Chain (Hammer 1)
  11. Positive Strike
  12. Negative Bash
  13. Equalizing Blow
  14. Electro-whirl (Hammer 2)
  15. Grenade Kit (Utility 7)
  16. Shrapnel Grenade (Granade 2)
  17. Poison Grenade (Grenade 5), when available
  18. Leave grenade kit
  19. Auto-Attack Chain (Hammer 1)
  20. Positive Strike
  21. Negative Bash
  22. Equalizing Blow
  23. Auto-Attack Chain (Hammer 1)
  24. Positive Strike
  25. Negative Bash
  26. Equalizing Blow
  27. Electro-whirl (Hammer 2)
  28. Grenade Kit (Utility 7)
  29. Shrapnel Grenade (Granade 2)
  30. Leave grenade kit
  31. Auto-Attack Chain (Hammer 1)
  32. Positive Strike
  33. Negative Bash
  34. Equalizing Blow

During the loop:

  • Überraschungsschuss (Werkzeugfertigkeit F3) always when available
  • Granatensperrfeuer (Werkzeugfertigkeit F2) always when available, preferably between auto attack chain (Hammer 1) and Electro-whirl (Hammer 2).
  • Ersatzkondensator (Werkzeugfertigkeit F4) always when available, preferably between auto attack chain (Hammer 1) and Electro-whirl (Hammer 2).


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