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Outriders - Pyromancer Endgame Build - Skill for RT 15 Solo

PC (Microsoft Windows)

In this guide, I'll explain the best way to skill up as an Anomaly Pyromancer and deal enough damage to run RT 15 solo. The build is based on Eruption and Incendiary Bomb. You can use both 3 times in a row and cause a lot of damage. On top of that, Lava Shells doesn't sustain permanently, but you'll be playing with a light machine gun so the skill is still worth it. Have fun with the skill.


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  • Follower: 2 | Published Guides: 19


For this build you need 3 parts of the "Lava Oak" set and a machine gun. It relies on anomaly damage and should deal a lot of damage especially with Eruption.

The most important properties for your equipment are: Anomaly Power, Cooldown Reduction and Status Power.


Here you can see how the class is to be skilled:

Make sure to boost your anomaly power by 6% whenever you can.

The cooldown reduction is especially important for this build, as you really need to use Incendiary Bomb and Eruption all the time.

Extinction will help you finish off battered enemies faster and, of course, help you complete expeditions within the allotted time.

This skill is also especially important because it increases your anomaly power by another 12%.


Here you can see the skills necessary for this skill, below you can also find the exact explanations and possible uses.

  1. Incendiary bomb
  2. Lava shells
  3. Eruption


Incendiary Bomb is very important because it stacks and if you cast Incendiary Bomb twice in a row on the same enemy, you will also notice that it does double the damage. The ability is really important and necessary.

Lava projectiles
Lava projectiles

The lava projectiles are not the most important thing in this skill, they are mainly used to lava (burn) as many mobs as possible. The point is not to use the lava projectiles permanently, because then too many perks would be lost and we would have to give up too much for that.


Eruption is the main damage ability and you can use it 3 times. If you don't know how to use this ability three times, pay attention to the equipment. With the right legendary items, this is possible without any problems.



In the header you can see the main perks that are important for this set: Anomaly Power, Cooldown Reduction and Status Power.

Set of Lava Oak, the set bonus increases the damage of Eruption by another 40%. The set is best built from chest, pants and hands, because the other set parts don't have good perks.

Bullet Igniter and Etna are especially important for this build, so make sure to have these two perks in your clothing.

In your pants, you have the Burned Perk, which ensures that you do a lot more damage from the Incendiary Bomb.

Again, it's best to have anomaly power, cooldown reduction and status power, short range damage should definitely be swapped.


100th magzine for the incineration bullets so we light as many enemies on fire as possible. Claymore hail is available on this weapon anyway, and then the Fortress is added to it so that the damage increases by 43% of the armor. You can get the "Fortress" from the item "Shadow Comet", which is an automatic shotgun.

The Molten Eidola is a single-shot weapon that you briefly draw when surrounded by larger groups, take one shot at the appropriate enemy, and then switch right back to the other weapon. When you're surrounded by enemies, you can also briefly switch to the Eidola, and since it only has one shot in the magazine, you can trigger the Wailing Wind very quickly.


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