Outriders - Repeat story quests, side quests, hunting quests - Titan farming

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In this guide, I'll explain how to replay story points, side quests, and hunter quests. You'll also learn how to quickly raise your world level to 15 by replaying the story point "Reach the Other Riverbank" at First City. After that, you'll learn how to replay side quests and which side quest will get you the most loot and a guaranteed legendary item. I also cover jadgquests briefly, as well as how to quickly farm Titan by going back to kill certain bosses.


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  • Follower: 2 | Published Guides: 19

Story Points & Quests

Turn back time

Select story point and repeat quest!

To repeat a quest, you have to click on the button "Select story point" in the main menu of the lobby directly after starting the game.

Now you can navigate with "Q" and "E" to the respective story point to choose the appropriate checkpoint and start there again.

On the timeline in the top center you can go through the individual locations of the already completed campaign and travel back in time. In addition, you can then repeat the respective missions and tasks there. This allows you to take advantage of them, for example, to farm titanium.

Boost world level

You will also need this mechanism if you want to quickly boost your world level. The following checkpoint is best suited for this:

Go back in the timeline until you are at the "First City" again. There you have to start the third story point "Reach the other side of the river".

The mission is relatively easy, there are a lot of enemies and they bring you a lot of experience points to raise your world level. The mission starts with Jane shooting the sniper woman and then you have to advance through the remains of the city to the depot. You will also pass the Outriders bunker.

On the way you can find some crates and also 6 iron sources. At the end there is a small "boss fight", which should not be a big challenge, before you find the truck. You can play the quest as many times as you want, to get from world level 14 to world level 15 you only have to play this story point 2 times.

Side- Quests/Missions

Repeat side quests

Repeat side quests

You can replay not only the story points (main quests), but also the side quests. To replay side quests, you need to go to the place where you accepted them. If you have already completed side quests, these locations are marked by quest givers with a gray exclamation mark, otherwise it lights up yellow.

If you approach a quest giver with an exclamation mark and speak to him, then the dialog box opens and you can select the side quest, as an option and start again. Often it says "Play mission again" among the answer options.

Das Wiederholen von Nebenquests, gibt euch eine weitere Chance auf guten Loot und oder Titan.

Legendary items

There are several ways to get Legendary Items, one of which is the Outriders side quest.

The best way to do this is to complete the Outriders quest, which starts in Trench Town with the suspended Outrider. If you repeat it, you will receive a Legendary Item for completing the entire quest series.

Tip: In addition, each time you complete the quest, you can open the 8 chests at the end of the mission, which also give you the chance to receive Legendary Items.

Wanted/Hunter Quests

Replay "Wanted" and Hunter Quests

In the course of the game you will reach the place Trench Town, and after you are ready with the primary quest, you can enter the saloon there. (The man in front of the door will be gone).

Downstairs in the saloon there are two people you should talk to, "Noah Dembele" who is responsible for the hunting quests and "Ujio" who writes out the bounties. You can also reset the mission at any time and play it again.

For example, if you repeat the hunting quests, you will again receive a reward for each enemy you kill, usually an epic item, and for completing the entire series of quests you will receive a Legendary Item.

Titanium farming (Fast)

Use the options and procedures described in this guide to quickly obtain titanium outside of expeditions.

  1. Giant Lava Spider (Gets between 75 and 120 titanium, per run)

  1. Chrysalismutant (yields between 85 and 135 titanium, per run)

  1. Questing and hunting missions also yield titanium, but take longer.


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