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      Table of Contents
      IIBooming business
      2Easter Egg
      IIIChemical plant
      IVThe bows of Enoch
      VThe front
      VIMountain station
      VIIIn the heart of the wilderness
      IXDrought land
      XMarshland Cave
      XIDrought palace
      XIIPaxian settlement
      XIIIDilapidated tower
      XIVEye of the storm

      Outriders - Tips and tricks for expeditions

      If you know a trick for one of the expeditions, write it in the comments! In this guide I'll talk about the expeditions, which enemies appear in which expedition, what you have to do there and how you can save time.

      If you know anything else or have any comments about one of the expeditions, please write them in the comments and I would be very happy about your help.

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      Once you have completed the main quests of Outriders and are world level 15, you can start expeditions at any time. The game offers you 12 unique expeditions as a kind of end content.

      1. Booming Business
      2. Chemical factory
      3. The Bows of Enoch
      4. The Front
      5. Mountain station
      6. In the heart of the wilderness
      7. Colosseum
      8. Land of drought
      9. Marshland Cave
      10. Palace of the drought
      11. Paxian settlement
      12. Ruined Tower

      Once you have completed these expeditions a few times and have reached expedition level 15, you can start the Eye of the Storm expedition and complete the final section of Outriders.

      Booming business

      Booming Business is the shortest mission in Outriders, with only 6:30 minutes as gold time, it's perfect for farming legendary items quickly.

      2Easter Egg

      When you have completed the mission and you can open the landing capsule, you can also open a small door on the left side.

      There you will find two failed outriders who have had one last drop.

      Chemical plant
      1. The chemical plant is one of the most famous expeditions, because the enemies appear in great numbers, but in a manageable area and you have very short walking distances.

      In this mission there are 3 applicable tricks that can save you up to 50 seconds in total.

      1. When you reach the second level, where you have to take the elevator down at the end, you can use a simple trick. As soon as you press the elevator button, a group of enemies will come from the front and one from a gate on the right. The enemies that come out of the gate are 3 bosses, but you only need to kill the group of enemies that don't have bosses in them, then you can enter the elevator and ignore the rest of the enemies.

      1. On the way down in the elevator run all the way forward and shoot once. When you reach the bottom, the 5 enemies waiting for you are already at the elevator door, much closer together and much easier to kill.

      1. If you want to kill the last boss (final boss), then run with your group into the hangar where the capsule is, the boss will follow you and the mobs too. Even the annoying poison spitters will enter the hangar, then you don't have to run through the entire antechamber to catch the last mobs and that also saves you some time.
      The bows of Enoch

      The front

      The Front is an expedition that strongly resembles the quest "The Battlefield". You will also have to face the same final boss.

      There is a sequence where the enemies come out of a bunker in the middle and with the narrow exits, CC damage can be very helpful.

      Mountain station

      The mountain station reminds a bit of the mountain mission from the beginning of the game, but there are significantly more enemies.

      Here you can expect:

      • All kinds of monsters
      • Flying monsters (5 pcs. at the end)
      • 2 bosses
      In the heart of the wilderness

      In the heart of the wilderness is a very interesting expedition. You know that one of the capsules has crashed in the forest and you want to recover it. But the monsters want to prevent that, of course. It starts with a typical "capture the flag", then moves on to several strong groups of monsters.

      In the end, you realize that the forest itself doesn't want to give you the capsule and pretty much sic every type of monster on you at least 5 times.

      Beware: here come small spiders at the end that explode.

      1. The little spiders that explode don't do so on their own, but only when you shoot them or damage them. Otherwise they just stay next to you and nothing happens.

      In this expedition, you'll have to fight your way through Pax City to the Colosseum, which isn't too difficult.

      Once there, you'll have to be a gladiator in the arena and defeat the enemies before Tiago frees you from the ordeal.

      Drought land

      The Land of Drought is an expedition that already requires 3200 landing capsules to start, which the leader of the group must pay before you can start in the expedition.

      Marshland Cave

      In principle, a nice expedition, but especially in the first chamber there are many enemies, including 3 brood mothers. Therefore, the expedition is rather recommended for players who already have acceptable equipment.

      Drought palace

      A very simple and very nice mission. The course is clearly structured, only shortly before the end, when the 5 bosses come, it is once briefly tricky. A nice expedition that is a lot of fun despite the use of 60 landing capsules.

      1. Before you get to the room with the 5 bosses, you have to protect an obelisk in the middle of a passage. The easiest thing to do here is to just stand in the circle with all the players, this shortens the time and the number of enemy groups massively. Many of the enemies won't even come running to you and won't cause any damage. When the time is up and you have all held the obelisk fast and long enough, all the enemies will disappear automatically. This saves you a lot of time.
      Paxian settlement

      The Paxian settlement is based on the story with the Paxian villages. At the end, a nasty enemy awaits you, who can be very annoying due to bleeding and vampire abilities.

      Dilapidated tower

      A relatively simple mission and also very straightforward. The enemy groups consist mainly of monsters and not humanoids.

      Eye of the storm

      In order to play the Eye of the Storm expedition, 40,000 landing capsules must be paid for. This is the last expedition of the game, which also concludes the story.


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