Port Royale 4 - All tricks and tips for pirate life!

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Short summary of the most important tips for pirates in Port Royale 4. You will be taught very useful tricks to better cope with the black flag. How do you get fame quickly, what you can do against the military and the importance of choosing the right location for a pirate (home island).


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  • Follower: 4 | Published Guides: 5

The pirate (properties)

Properties - Start Tip

Here is a short overview of the characteristics and bonuses of the pirate. I recommend you to choose England, as good ships will cost you hardly any gold and the ships of the English are very fast, which is of course very important for you as a pirate.

Location - Tip

Choose a location where you can buy and supply ships very well. The best location is one of the capitals, since we have chosen England, the capital of England. In our case this is:

Acquire all the necessary permits (building permit) right at the beginning, so that if your reputation should fall, you won't have any problems.

As you can see, Santo Domingo has a large harbor and allows you to easily build good ships, as well as sell captured ships.

Hunting Grounds - Raids Trick

The easiest way is to build a vision area (restricted area) with small ships. In this case they are sloops. Without crew, the maintenance costs only 100 gold per day.

Start small at the beginning, with only 1 - 2 ships and gradually expand the restricted area.

So you can recognize early when the military is approaching and quickly get the pirate flag from the mast :).

Quickly generate fame. (Trick)

Raid as many ships as possible. You don't have to go far from the port of your city. Collect raw materials on the ship until you can't load anything else and only then deliver the goods, which provides a big bonus.

You can also build a warehouse and store the goods there until you have enough of them to directly raise your fame level by one

Through piracy, your fame also drops quickly again, so the requirements for new points don't really increase :).

Of course you can also hunt down and eliminate other pirates, so you also have the possibility to get very good ship types!


Of course, there are still very helpful tips for the sea battles, for that just take a look at my guide about sea battles and feel free to leave a comment.


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