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Breathedge tip (the mail shuttle)

PC (Microsoft Windows)

In this guide I want to show you where you can find a treasure trove of loot in the beginning of Breathedge, and a way to expand your storage capacity. I will also explain the way to the mail delivery shuttle, where several large parcel pallets and another video cassette are waiting for you. This secret tip helps to find many useful materials, especially in the beginning.


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  • Follower: 2 | Published Guides: 17

The mail shuttle

To get to the mail delivery shuttle, turn around after leaving the spacecraft and float towards the large Asteorid.

Keep to the right of the asteoroid and float past it.

After a short time you will see the mail shuttle.

Arriving at the mail shuttle, you will find four pallets with packages and some floating containers on the right side. There is also another video tape (The Cosmonautics Day) floating around, which you can watch in the spaceship.

Once you have smashed all the pallets and containers and collected everything, you should now have two placeable suitcases that can be used to store items. In addition, you get the recipe for the suitcase and can now also make it for 4x Refined Metal.

My haul in total was:

2x suitcase

4x water bottle

5x oxygen candle

3x oxygen generator

1x Underpants

1x Videocassette (Day Of Cosmonautics)

1x Thick insulating tape

4x Scissors

2x Refined metal

4x Plastic

21x Metal

2x Light bulb

1x Condom

2x Battery

I hope I could simplify your start in Breathedge with this simple secret tip.


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