Easy start in Transport Fever 2 (Beginner Guide)

PC (Microsoft Windows)

In this guide I will show you how you can earn a lot of money easily and with little effort. I explain this using the example of the production of planks, tools, and delivery to a city.


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  • Follower: 2 | Published Guides: 17

Site selection and start of production

At the beginning of the game, you should first get an overview and look for a suitable place to establish your transport empire.

Look for places where you will find a production chain from the raw material to the delivery of the final product to a city.

I'll explain it to you using the example of tool production.

Once you have found a suitable location, start placing the first truck stops and a road vehicle depot. Place one truck stop near the forests and one near the sawmill. The road vehicle depot should be built centrally.

Make sure that you keep paths as short as possible. Build roads to achieve even shorter distances.

Now buy some horse-drawn vehicles from the road vehicle depot and send them to the appropriate lines. I started with 10 horse-drawn vehicles per line and very quickly increased the number to 20, and then to 25 on the shorter line and 35 on the longer line.

In addition, you must expand the truck stops, otherwise the resources produced will be lost.

Furthermore, it should be ensured that truck stops of production plants are extended by separate stops, for each supplier as well as one for the own produced goods.

Wait a few minutes and you will see that the sawmill starts production.

Production expansion

Once the sawmill has started production, you can start delivering the planks to the tools factory.

Builds a truck stop in the city as well.

As you can see in the picture, the buildings have different needs. Build the truck stop so that as many of the buildings as possible are in the area of influence.

At the beginning you can see that the city is still very small.

By supplying the necessary resources, as well as local and long-distance transport, the city begins to grow. This allows the profits to gradually increase.

An increase in profits is also achieved by upgrading the production plants.

If you wait a few minutes, you can already see the first results.

Add some other production chains following the principle shown. Make sure that each route is fully utilized (not too few vehicles, otherwise capital will remain idle, but also not too many vehicles, otherwise the costs will reduce the profit).

I hope I could help you with this guide and give you a good introduction to Transport Fever 2.


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