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      Breathedge 12 Recipes for a Good Start

      In this guide I explain how to get the first important recipes (such as the oxygen balloon, oxygen station and accelerator) and what you need to craft them.

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      1. Drill

      The blueprint for the drill can be found at the very beginning on the table next to the processor (workbench).

      Durability: 20

      Requires for production: 1x Refined Metal, 1x Battery, 1x Thick Insulating Tape

      1. Gripper

      If you pick up the backscratcher that is leaning against the bed, you will get the recipe for the gripper unlocked.

      Durability: 20

      Requires for production: 1x Refined Metal, 1x Battery, 1x Cable, 1x Aluminum

      1. Handy scraper

      Unlocked after fixing the intercom with the Cryptographic Debugging Station.

      Durability: 50

      Requires for production: 3x Metal

      1. Oxygen balloon

      To get the recipe for the oxygen balloon, once you leave the spaceship, turn around, look down and float towards the debris.

      There you can see a large balloon from which air escapes. Once you have examined the balloon, you can make the oxygen balloon.

      +25 Oxygen reserve

      Requires for production: 1x Condom, 1x Cable, 2x Plastic, 1x Thick Insulating Tape

      1. Oxygen candle

      In the same place where you get the recipe for the oxygen balloon, you will also find an oxygen candle, which unlocks the recipe when you pick it up.

      +40 Oxygen

      Requires for production: 1x Metal, 1x Battery

      1. Scanner

      Once you have secured the recipe for the oxygen balloon, all you have to do is turn around and float towards the closed airlock of the destroyed spaceship. There you will see a panel on the wall on the right side of the airlock, which you just have to examine to get the recipe for the scanner.

      Durability: 20

      Requires for production: 1x Metal, 1x Batery, 1x Plastic, 1x Bulb

      1. Oxygen station and oxygen generator

      If you destroy the door next to the scanner (using the handy scraper), you will see a broken oxygen station inside.

      When you examine them, you get the recipe for the oxygen station and the recipe for the oxygen generator.

      Capacity: 500 oxygen

      Can be recharged by using an oxygen generator.

      Oxygen station

      Requires for production: 1x Oxygen Candle, 1x Thick Insulating Tape, 1x Aluminum

      Oxygen generator

      Requires for production: 1x Battery, 1x Refined Metal, 1x Plastic

      1. First aid kit

      This recipe is unlocked when you scan the first aid kit, in the toilet.

      +50 health

      Requires for production: 1x Cloth, 1x Alcohol

      1. Hedge trimmer

      Unlocked when you pick up a pair of scissors.

      Durability: 20

      Requires for production: 3x Metal, 1x Cable, 1x Scissors

      1. Flashlight

      If you go straight towards the wreckage of a blue spaceship after leaving the spaceship, you can find the recipe for the flashlight.

      In the wreck you can see a dead man, which you can examine.

      +25 flashlight current

      Requires for production: 1x Battery, 1x Bulb, 1x Plastic

      1. Double oxygen balloon

      If you hover a little further straight ahead from the place where you found the flashlight, you will see the wreckage of a green spaceship.

      There you can see a picture on a wall.

      Examining this image unlocks the Double Oxygen Balloon.

      +50 oxygen reserve

      Requires for production: 2x Condom, 2x Cable, 4x Plastic, 2x Thick Insulating Tape

      1. Accelerator

      To unlock the accelerator, you have to collect a shawarma. When you float out of the spaceship and turn a little to the left, you will see a large white wreck.

      You have to hover a little bit in that direction. Behind the wreck, you will see another orange wreck.

      Here you see again a dead man trying to catch a shawarma.

      +25 Accelerator

      Requires for production: 1x Shawarma, 1x Refined Metal, 1x Yellowish Water

      I hope I could show you where to find the first important recipes and I hope you have as much fun with Breathedge as I do.


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