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Outriders - Deathshield Trickster Build for CL 15 - Revised Build V2.0

PC (Microsoft Windows)

In this guide I will show you another way to play the Trickster. This is done with the weapon Deathshield, which converts 43% of your armor into weapon damage. In addition, of course, there are some armor changes that let you deal even more damage, and you also have the option to completely refill your ammo every 5 seconds, so you can use the bullets permanently. Check it out and leave a comment. Thanks :)


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  • Follower: 2 | Veröffentlichte Guides: 19


This build is a variation of the first guide I wrote. The main component of this build is the weapon "Deathshield", in combination with "Embalmers Rage", which makes you do an extremely high amount of damage and also almost always deals critical hits.

Also, your magazine is no longer replenished by bleeding but every time you teleport, which is of course a change from the other build, but gives you more leeway in case of failure.


We use the Assassin tree again for the skill and skill very similarly to the other skill. Here, however, we do not attach importance to armor piercing, but instead to "Critical Damage" and "Cooldown Reduction".

The important thing is that we are now skilling "Deadly Shadow", which, as described above, causes our Critical Damage to increase by 20%.

You know these two abilities from the first guide and the first Trickster build I presented to you. These two abilities increase your damage by 35% each. They are the reason why we play with Hunt the Prey and Venator's Knife.

Of course, you'll need the 15% extra damage against elite enemies, so together with the 25% that's in your clothing, you'll do 40% more damage against elite enemies.

Remember to increase your magazine size by 50%, this will help you tremendously and keep Twisted Rounds active longer, giving you more time before you have to teleport again.


Twisted Rounds
Twisted Rounds

Fill your current weapon's magazine with Anomalyinfused bullets that increase your Fire Power by 15.499. The skill lasts until you reload or switch weapons.


Hunt the Prey
Hunt the Prey

Select an enemy and teleport behind them, receiving a 3.596 Shield bonus.


Venator's Knife
Venator's Knife

Throw a temporal knife at an enemy. The blade will ricochet between a maximum of 5 enemies within a small radius, dealing 5.314 damage and marking them. All marked targets will be inflicted by Slow, and for 10 seconds the first damage dealt by you will be doubled.




For the headpiece, you can see the correct skills on the left picture and the correct attributes on the right picture.

Your clothes basically all needed weapon damage bonus, cooldown reduction and short range damage.

In the chest, of course, I added the "Captain Hunter", which increases your damage against elite enemies by another 25%. Also, the "Damage Absorber", which increases your base armor and of course, thanks to the attribute on the weapon, your damage.

The best here would be a mix of the two pants. You should play the "Instant Reload" from the left pants along with the "Emergency Stance" on the right pants. The "Golem" ability is still not fixed and triggers much more often than it should. So take advantage of that. After that, you can still switch to Shotgun damage.

Here you make up for the missing 30% critical damage that you lose because your gun now has "life drain", together with the 20% from the class you now have 100% more critical damage. On top of that, your ammo still refills when you kill someone and should you ever run out, all you have to do is teleport and it's full again (Of course, preferably before the bullets run out).

There is clearly more firepower in the shoes, plus of course the armor increase, which is also a damage increase thanks to the weapon here. So if you have 250,000 armor in the meantime due to your kills, you get another bonus weapon damage of 110,000 which is of course extremely hefty.


Now let's move on to the new centerpiece of this build, the "Deathshield". The weapon already has the "Fortress" ability on it when it drops. This causes you to get 43% of it as additional weapon damage based on your armor.

The second ability, by the way, is just as interesting as the first, as it gives you a 100% crit chance for 5 seconds after each killshot.

As a secondary weapon I can recommend the "Imploder".

I've taken this pistol to my heart, with the effect that it makes every enemy vulnerable, it really blew me away.


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