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5 tips and tricks to survive in the apocalypse

PC (Microsoft Windows)

In this guide I would like to summarize a few helpful tips and tricks that should help to survive the apocalypse well. I go into various topics, such as food, catchment areas and the consent of the population.


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  • Follower: 2 | Published Guides: 17

5 tips and tricks

  1. Multiple food sources

In Endzone A World Apart it is important to get food from many different sources. In addition to herbs, the number of food sources is also responsible for the health of the population. Furthermore, the risk of diseases, such as epidemics, is reduced.

  1. Storage

It is advisable to keep an eye on the storage tab in the statistics to see which food sources are the most lucrative.

  1. Area of influence

By area of influence I mean the white circle around a building, which affects the efficiency of buildings when several are built next to each other. For example, with fishing huts, if several are built next to each other, the efficiency decreases. Therefore, you should make sure that buildings that influence each other are not built next to each other.

  1. Satisfaction

The satisfaction of the population is a very important thing and one must take care that the satisfaction remains neutral or positive. Unmet needs, such as lack of shelter, protective equipment or tools, lower satisfaction.

Positive effects:

  • Higher reproduction rate, newborn settlers live a little longer
  • Higher efficiency, newborn settlers live longer
  • Higher movement speed, newborn settlers live significantly longer

Negative effects:

  • Lower reproduction rate, threat of crime
  • Longer production and research times, threat of uprisings
  • Lower rate of movement, threat of emigration

  1. Build industrial building remotely

You should not build production buildings next to residential buildings, because this lowers the satisfaction of the residents, as you can see in the example of the scrap yard.


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