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      Table of Contents
      IFind prey
      IIKill and utilize prey

      Hunting tips for beginners

      In this guide I would like to show beginners of The Hunter Call of the Wild how to find and kill their first animal. I will explain step by step how to do it, from reading the tracks, to placing the shot, to the recovery.

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      Find prey

      You have several ways to locate your prey in Hunter Call of the Wild, you can find hoof prints and looseness on the ground, follow rutting cries and warning calls or find animals directly at certain need places, such as sleeping places or feeding places.

      1. Read tracks

      As tracks can be found hoof prints as well as faeces (the excrement of the animals). The hoof prints show the direction, by using a blue cone, in the direction in which the animal has moved. From the faeces you can see how long it has been since the animal passed the spot.

      • Searching for tracks at night

      At night, tracking is much more difficult than during the day, because the tracks are not highlighted in white or blue. At night, if you want to follow tracks on the ground, you have to use your smartphone (tab key) to follow the tracks.

      • Searching for traces by day

      During the day it is much easier to follow the tracks on the ground, because they are highlighted in white or blue if you are already actively following a track.

      1. Follow sounds

      Rutting calls and warning calls are displayed in the same way, as sound waves. The larger the sound wave animation, the closer the animal is to you.

      • Rutting calls

      When you hear a call, you should move slowly and crouch down in the direction from which the call comes. To better detect animals, you should have binoculars ready and, if necessary, use the appropriate whistle to lure the prey to you.

      • Warning calls

      A warning call means that you have been spotted by an animal, either because you were too loud, or the animal smelled you or saw you.

      It is not bad, if you are discovered sometimes by an animal, you should then quickly duck or lie down, wait a short time and continue to observe the overall situation. Often you have the chance that an animal runs in front of the shotgun, or that you can determine the current location of the animal.

      1. Visit need zones

      Need zones are divided into three types, areas for sleeping, for feeding, and for drinking. At need zones, many animals of this need zone (e.g. dam deer) can usually be encountered, at the appropriate times of the day.

      Kill and utilize prey

      Once you have found a suitable prey animal, you should first keep calm and wait for the opportunity to place a good shot.

      It is best to try to place the shot laterally, just behind the front legs to hit the lungs and with a little practice and luck the heart.

      After the shot, if there are several animals in front of you, you should wait a little before searching for the shot animal, because the escaped ones sometimes return and you often get the chance to shoot a second or even third animal. The search for the shot animal can be very long or very fast depending on how you hit it. To find the killed animal, it is best to follow the blood trails that the animal leaves behind after a successful hit on the run. On the basis of the blood trails, you can also estimate how well you have hit.

      Once you have found your killed prey animal, it comes to the utilization. In the utilization menu you can now see exactly where you hit the animal, how much money you get and how much XP you get.


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