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Level fast and earn good money

PC (Microsoft Windows)

In this guide I would like to show you how you can increase your level at a comfortable pace and still earn good money. I will show it with the example of ducks and rabbits, although it is possible with almost all small animal species.


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  • Follower: 2 | Published Guides: 17

The duck hunting

Duck hunting is a very fun and also rewarding way of hunting in The Hunter Call of the Wild. In order to hunt ducks in a way that is rewarding, you should prepare a camp. Setting up the camp only works with items from various DLCs.

you will need:

First you need to find a location where you want to prepare your camp. Here it is important to note that you can go duck hunting on any map. I will show the setup for duck hunting on the Layton Lake District map. Theoretically, you can hunt ducks anywhere on the water, but you should have seen ducks before or even discovered a duck need zone before setting up.

Once you have found a suitable spot, you can start building your camp.

My basic camp setup consists of an Elite 2 tent, an Incognito Deluxe camouflage tent for duck hunting and 10 mallard dummys.

I really like using the Elite tents because they act as a quick travel point and also provide storage and a bed.

The Incognito deluxe camouflage tent for duck hunting is one of the best camouflage options. Once you enter it, you can calmly prepare for the shot or attract ducks with the help of the duck caller.

The mallard dummys are simply placed in front of you on the water. They have an attracting effect on mallards. The attraction effect is increased with each additional dummy (maximum 20 dummies).

Once you have placed everything, you can either wait in the camouflage tent for the ducks to fly by and try to lure them with the deluxe duck decoy whistle, or you can set up more such camps and use the fast travel function to switch back and forth between the individual camps.

If the long-awaited moment has finally come and you have attracted a few ducks to your perch, the leveling and earning money can begin.

I shot at this swarm with 6 shots from two guns (Nordin 20SA shotgun and Miller-Model 1891), 4 ducks and earned a total of money 1439 and in EP 683. Obviously, the whole thing can be done much better, as I had shot very badly here. Now you repeat the process at your other camps.

The hare chase

In contrast to duck hunting, I don't think it's worth preparing a camp for hare hunting. Since hares, unlike ducks, do not flee just by seeing a potential predator, but rely on their excellent hearing and good sense of smell, I have not had much fun or success with camps on hares at need zones. However, what has turned out to be very fun and lucrative for me is hare chasing, which is the scaring, driving and shooting the fleeing animals.

I proceed as follows:

  1. Running towards hare need zones or following the warning call of the hares (threatening knocking)

Using the Layton Lake District map as an example, I'll show how to proceed. Namely, at the very bottom, where you start on this map, along the rails are some need zones for hares.

The easiest way is to run through the different zones one by one and shoot the hares. If you see the warning call of the hares (threatening knocking) you should run exactly there, because the animals give themselves away with it.

  1. Detecting or scaring up the hares

If you fail to shoot the hares, it's not a problem, because you can easily follow them by the tracks they leave behind. Furthermore, it is very easy to hear in which direction they are moving.

  1. Shooting the hares

The hares that you don't shoot immediately at the need zones, you can catch after a short pursuit, because hares always pause in between, and stand on their hind legs, which gives you a very good opportunity to shoot.

  1. Yield

Here are three sample images to show what you can get in terms of EP and money.

For me, it's a very worthwhile and fun addition to duck hunting to quickly level up and earn money in The Hunter Call of the Wild.


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