Every beginning is difficult

PC (Microsoft Windows)

You are wondering how to get started in Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic? No problem, in this guide I will show you how to start building your own Soviet Empire. I will show you everything on the basis of a game without mods and in this guide I will only deal with the foundation of a city. Construction and industry will be covered separately in other guides.


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Choice of location

In the beginning of a game, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

At the bottom right of the screen you will find the minimap to help you find your way around.

  1. Do not start in the middle of the map

You can of course start building anywhere on the map, but this presents you with a problem. In order to be able to export goods, you need a connection to a customs station. That's why I think it's easier and better for beginners to build on the edge of the map near a customs station.

  1. Keep an eye out for resources

On the right side of the minimap you will find icons that show you where you can find the different resources (coal, iron, oil, uranium ore and bauxite). At the beginning of a game I think that coal and oil should be nearby. Furthermore, it would not be bad if iron ore is on site.

Construction of a small village

  1. Construction of a main road

In the beginning, start by building a main road to have a starting point to orient yourself. Connect the road to the customs station.

  1. Construction of a power plant

Next, you should start building a coal-fired power plant to supply your city with enough energy and to sell the surplus electricity.

Do not forget to buy coal at the power plant, otherwise no electricity will be produced.

Remember that the power plant must be connected to the customs station with a high-voltage line in order to export electricity.

Now build high-voltage lines in the direction of your city. To be able to use the electricity in the city, the current must first be regulated down by means of a power transformer.

Furthermore, a transformer station is needed to distribute the electricity to the individual consumers.

  1. Construction of the first apartments

Now you can start building the first apartments.

Once you have placed the houses, don't forget to build a bus platform near the city and another one near the power plant to transport workers by bus.

  1. Construction of a vehicle depot and establishment of a bus line

Last but not least, you only need to transport the workers from the residential buildings to the power plant. To do this, you only need a depot for road vehicles to be able to buy buses.

Now set up a bus line between the two bus stations. Click on the plus in the upper left corner of the bus window.

Now select the first bus station.

After that click on the second bus station.

Now the bus just needs to be dispatched to the line by clicking on the checkered flag.

If you have done everything this way, the first electricity should be produced soon.


Remember to build a gas station, otherwise your buses will break down without fuel.

Extension of the village

  1. Building more houses

Expand your settlement little by little with more residential buildings, as soon as you notice that your buildings do not have enough workers.

  1. More bus stations

Build enough bus stations to transport all citizens.

  1. Building for citizens

Construct buildings to meet the needs of your citizens. By meeting the needs of your citizens, the productivity and lifespan of your citizens will increase.

  1. Statistics

This way you can achieve a positive statistic without building up complex production chains.


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