The Last Stand Aftermath Average Joe Guide

PC (Microsoft Windows)

Hi all welcome to my guide! The last stand aftermath is a challenging game to get used to at first but over time things will get easier as you level and unlock more upgrades.

To me - it contains so much potential for fun when played well and it often leads me to keep wanting to keep playing as I just want more and more.

I hope this guide can help some of the players who might be confused with the game - it will be updated whenever I am able!


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The Early Game

Setting Expectations Right

In the early game (~first 3 lives), don't expect to get far - instead, focus on fighting zombies and getting supplies. You are weak as hell and lack the needed upgrades to truly get the most out of the run/life. It can be tempting to use the supply drops for yourself but I recommend taking the points instead as they will help your future runs when you have more upgrades and are able to survive the apocalypse.

At this stage, levelling and getting more knowledge upgrades is vital to the health of a future - more successful run where you are better equipped for success.

I will be going through the different aspects of the game and what I recommend you focus on.

Quick Tips for the hungry gamer

First life post-intro

Now some of you might want some quick tips for the 1st life and might be keen to wade through a bunch of texts so I included this part for you guys here:

-always keep and eye out for items to scavenge - interact when the "E" icon appears, sometimes you have to be right on top/beside the object you want to interact with

-make sure to take the antiviral whenever you need, you are on a timer, everytime the infection grows your max health decreases permanently and makes you more susceptible to 1-hit KOs which would end your run prematurely

-dont be stingy with your bullets, you arent as strong in the early game and the infected hit hard. Silencers are your friend

-dont start fights you cant win, if you have to, get rid of the runners first

-plan your journey and know what you want to achieve out of each location - not all loot is worth it, once again you are on the clock and anti-virals are scarce. Keep an eye out for the dollar sign (shop) and the globe sign (herc station)

-MOST IMPORTANTLY (if you are okay with 'save scumming') you CANNOT hit esc anytime u are pinned/grappled by zombies and load back your save to get a redo of the same area in case u felt like you could've been more effecient

The beginning

First life.

Post intro - you just died. You can talk to the various characters around the base. The main things of note are the crafting bench/fireplace/knowledge station/supply points station/armoury. The only thing you need to do first is to talk to the leader and get things started - get into the car and go (you dont really have anything you can do with the other stations right now).

In the first area - explore around before going into the fuel dump as you might get some useful crafting/aid/weapons/ammo. You can find them on the ground/in the hood of cars/car trunks/crates etc - anything with the "E" that you can interact.

Make sure to grab the antiviral from the HERC building and inject yourself. Press alt to see the notable points in the area.

Turn on your flashlight before going into the basement as its dark inside and some unfriendly chaps await.

Now, unless you have the gamer finesse, i recommend using your bullets to shoot the infected till there is 1 left before going into melee. The angst of losing a few health bars (esp if u forgot to use the antiviral first), is not worth it. Grab the gas, refuel your car and get going.

Country road take me home

Road trip time fellas

Now planning where you want to go next is another crucial part of the game - the map is randomly generated and you want to visit places like the safehouse/military checkpoints/places with the $ icon indicating a shop/supply caches/supply depos/abandoned military bases and the list goes on.

Basically, these areas give you an idea of what to expect and you can potentially find better loot/items bit mostly antivirals. Of course, you will still visit other areas like the suburbs/trailer parks/city streets and these areas can also contain potentially valuable loot or even supply caches.

Ammo/anti-virals is very crucial to a run and supply caches/military areas will be your good friends. Although it is possible to find supply caches/crates in certain areas even if its not stated on the map. Supply crates being ones that you have to use batteries to unlock and supply caches by powering up the generator.

Another thing to take note of is the number of skulls beside each location marker - indicating the rough danger level. As your level goes up the average danger level of each area increases but fret not as you will have the skills to pay the bills by then. For me, the most important is that 2 skulls might mean at least 1 special infected (at higher levels) and 3 skulls might mean 2 or more. Note that theres a difference between uncommon and special infected, more on that later.

If you wonder what is the use of safehouses - they provide you an infected FREE area to get some free items/craft things/give you fuel (sometimes even supply bags)/free upgrade radio. As you level up you can upgrade the safehouse to contain free chests that can sometimes give really good loot.

Infected alamac

Uncommon Infected

Chonky Lads

Description: you can recognize them by their large body profiles, these guys as their body size suggests take A LOT of bullets to take down - even with a fully upgraded rifle and they arent worth the trouble.

Counter: Have surplus ammo XD Try not to engage, if you have to then do it in a controlled environment - indoors vs only 1 of them/behind a barricade etc. The time you take to deal with them would leave you open to other infected to swarm you. God bless you if they run and you don't have the means to take them down.

Exploding Chonky lads

Description: Bless you when you first encounter them as they will sprint their ass off to meet you like a starving person at a buffet and explode om your face once they are near. They are recognizable by being shirtless, glowing and looking like they about to burst after like their 20th burger.

Counter: Get into an area with space to maneuver and roll out of the way as they explode and they will deal no damage - just that they leave a temporary mist that will poison you if you step inside.

Infected Soldiers

Description: Dressed in army fatigues these guys have been turned and now hunger for uninfected flesh.

Counter: just like regular zombies just that these lads have a much higher chance of carrying loot on them - esp the item "herc orders" which is a knowledge item and very valuable.

Armoured Infected Soldiers

Description: Covered in black bulletproof armour, they are very annoying to deal with, especially if they run.

Counter: If you are able to, their backs are unarmoured and you can shoot them there, dealing direct damage to their health. Otherwise when safe to do so - you can use any melee weapon to get rid of their armour (~7hits) before you can damage their health.

LARGE armoured infected soldiers

Deacription: These lads are almost always running and are a huge b**** to take down, having more health than the regular infected. They hit harder too.

Counter: Same strat as the regular armoured one, just take care to not get swarmed while dealing with them. Almost always carries infected blood sample.

Hell Infected

Description: Walking skinny charcoal infected that only appear in the last zone of the game and have more health than regular infected and hit harder -, they are also harder to spot given their colour and body profile.

Counter: Shoot till dead.

Fiery Explody Hell Infected

Description: Hell infected but with fire coming out of them here and there. Will explode with a burst of flames that can damage fellow infected when killed.

Counter: Shoot till dead but don't get close.

Special Infected

The Charger

Description: Roaring brute who took too much roids and charges like a bull at you. Has a stomp attack that can knock down anything (including infected) in an area around him.

Counter; Make sure to dodge the charge attack as it HURTS LIKE A TRUCK and would take down at least half of your health and stamina. Shoot from far with rilfes or smgs. Melee is also viable but the risk of dying and losing everything is not worth it. If you like a challenge then sure, just don't get caught in tight places as I've lost many a good runs by getting myself trapped with them. Homemade Flamer does wonders against them.

The Leaper

Description: F*** these guys and the person who made them for real. They can jump about as far as the screen can see on either side, they are hard to spot and worst of all - SUPER HARD TO HIT. A new discovery is that shotguns are surprisingly effective against them because of the spread.

Because they crawl on all 4s, the game design makes it crazy hard to hit them as many of your shots will go over their heads and you will find yourself frustrated at their constant leaping on you, tearing flesh off as they scurry away and your bullets whiz overhead.

Counter: Try to isolate them or back up against a solid object so that when they jump on you - roll out of the way and whack away at them with your melee weapon. Shooting them works also but most of your precious bullets often miss them.


Description: These infected hurt with more than just words and hurl literal gobs of poison at you. Recognizable by the glowing green bodies they have. Their range is slightly shorter than a leapers and their spit does area damage.

Counter: Shoot from afar, don't stop till dead. Roll out of the line of fire.

Armoured Chargers

Description: Strap a welcome matt to your @** and get ready for a fight because these guys are even harder to take down.

Counter: Fire bad. It really is a super counter to them. The armour-piercing sniper shreds them also. Otherwise just keep shooting till dead. Fire/explosives help get rid of armour.


Remember that guns make noise and attract infected. So does starting generators, etc. In the fight against the special infected, make sure you are able to handle the heat that you bring. (Even melee makes some noise and can attract nearby infected).

In some areas where you have to start generators - the local charger on the map will come stomping towards you and they will wreck your barricade with just a few hits. So it is recommended that you take them out first in a more controlled environment.

Resource is the name of the game.


Ah knowledge, this is what sets apart the early game volunteer from the late game ones. You accumulate it from collecting items that contain knowledge during your travels, and its also the currency you use for bartering with the vendor.

There are many sections of the knowledge tree: Body/Combat/Survival/Engineering.

First recommended upgrades I suggest are:

(Survival) improved chance of finding ammo

(Survival) knowledge retention

(Survival) The one that increases chances of finding items on the infected (this skill is hidden op as you can sometimes find batteries and a lot of ammo on them)

(Engineering) Bolt Cutters

(Engineering) Survivor Radio

(Engineering) Herc codes

One reliable way of obtaining knowledge points is by selling items to the vendor - even a brick is worth 1 point so dont throw anything away and exchange for items instead, planning routes that will pass by vendors as they often contain a battery/lots of ammo/throwables/strong guns. The infected blood is another reliable way to gain knowledge points as you only need 5 to make an anti-viral at the herc stations that have the chemistry station.

Supply Points

Supply points are gained from killing infected/collecting supply bags/collecting supply caches (instead of taking the items within). This supply can be used to make purchases in the Supply store accessed by talking to the camp leader at The End but this is at the start of a new run and cannot be used for the current run. Most importantly I recommend purchasing the knowledge option every run as it can really boost your gameplay experience and survivability.

You can use supply points for:

**Getting knowledge points

*Gear Insurance

-Buying permanent items at the armoury (refreshed every run)

-Unlocking new classes

-Buying one time use weapons/ammo/crafting items

-Unlocking crafting recipies

At the minimum you should get the knowledge/gear insurance. The cache of ammo is also value for points. Another key unlock is the armour-piercing sniper rifle and the LMG. The rest is up to you to pick and choose according to your playstyle. Dont be fooled by some of the purchases that arent worth it (like some strange classes or permanent armoury items like a bottle, etc) unless you want to do it for flavour.

Knowing this, it can be beneficial to take the supplies inside a cache if it contains good weapons/a lot of ammo.

Armed to da teef


Guns will be your main way of safely taking down the infected in this game. One quick tip is i DO NOT recommend the revolver based weapons (even the death adder) considering their low fire-rate and especially reload rate.

The main way that i would separate guns is by what ammo they use as its STRONGLY not recommended to use 2 guns of the same ammo type. I normally use my first weapon slot for a silenced weapon (that has the most ammo) and the second slot for my unsilenced big gun (because rifle dilencers can be hard to find).


Pipe pistol

-trusty 2 shot pistol that hits reliably hard and reloads fast af


-the 'best' weapon for each of their ammo type in terms of capacity/damage/dps

Shortsport rifle

-Good damage rifle with good clip capacity, should be changed for an automatic version of the same tree if available due to the higher dps


-reliable damage dealer, fully controllable firing mode makes it very consistent and has high damage output


-an obvious upgrade over the m4a1 anyday, only drawback is the reload as the sweet spot is very small

Hunting rifle

-very reliable rifle that would be your early game damage dealer, every shot hurts, great reload time too

Armour piercing sniper

-Amazing damage dealer that ignores the armour of the infected, a must have that has to be unlocked with supply points before it can reliably drop



- do not recommend because of the burst mode which wastes bullets, can be used if you are in a pinch or just to gun down a charger

Broken weapons

-they are highlighted with an orange border, either fix them soon at a workbench with scrap or avoid using as they will be dealing less damage which leads to inefficient bullet to damage ratios. Can be useful in a pinch

Flare/propane/shells/Grenades (for the grenade launcher)/rockets (for the rpg)


Can be fun to set infected on fire and will attract nearby infected towards it.

Homemade Flamethrower


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